Must-Try Apps And Tools For An Enhanced Educational Journey


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An educational journey is similar to a thrilling roller coaster ride with ups and downs, adventures, and opportunities for personal growth and discovery. You should also realize your full potential in the extensive network of technological growth. It’s a route that opens up new possibilities for development, exploration, and information gain.

All of this will be worthwhile despite the difficulties. Finding a balance between employment and education has a significant impact on our lives. In this hectic environment, people must handle a lot of duties and recognize that they have a lot on their plate.
One thing no one can take away from you is education.” as Elen Nordegren puts it.
Change never goes away. It’s possible to lose things, people, and money, but you can never lose the lessons you have learned.

In recent times, eLearning has profoundly taken over the place in the digital age as one of the best tools for online education. This learning is an innovative initiative which has made students’ lives a lot easier. It has revolutionized the education system breaking all the barriers of space, acquiring knowledge and time.

One of the major advantages of eLearning is flexibility. One can enjoy taking lessons in the cafe, traveling or by any other scheduled lifestyle. Let’s explore some well-liked, best online apps for education and successful eLearning tools reshaping the field of education.

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1. Google Classroom

One of the most used apps around the world that has helped overcome the challenges of online classes comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, this app is free so it is easy to access for everyone. Communication is easy between teacher and student. It saves paper and textbooks and online grading and assignments are to be submitted. It’s one of the best apps to manage academic and online sessions. It’s an eco-friendly app as no such harm is there and also, it’s a mobile-friendly app.

Google Classroom hit us all hard during the COVID times, when all you could do was take care of your health but learning has no limit of place and time. Professors or teachers would make specific groups for their courses and assign the tasks. These tasks would be submitted online which made it a lot easier for students and for teachers to do online grading.

2. Duolingo

This app is a language learning app which attracts students towards its animation learning. Duolingo is a fun learning app and it also lets the user track their progress so that they can get engaged accordingly.

Duolingo does not have long lessons and you can take them anytime regardless of any scheduled work. I have been using this software to learn the German Language and it personally has contributed a lot to my personal growth. It has given me my own pace of learning and it’s fun learning where you have room for improvement.

3. Khan Academy

This app is too free and has a variety of subjects, almost covering half the subjects taught in university. And you can also work at your own pace. It also covers the half of math problems. Khan Academy fosters peer-to-peer learning, they are open to asking questions and answers are always welcome too.

They always have room for improvement. The track is maintained and feedback is also given. Watched videos are kept on track so that students can easily find videos which can track their performance and progress.

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This software is an educational platform that has amazing animations and can easily transform any subject into engaging and fun learning. This software emphasizes the platform on the positive talks, motivational talks are also held. It’s a big educational initiative which brings about aims and sparks in students.

Also, it’s globally being used over time and served a lot for students and teachers as well. It fosters the power of story-telling and it develops critical thinking and analytical skills.

5. Udemy

This software is perfect for beginners. It has a variety of courses in different languages. The greatest advantage of eLearning software is that you get certificates after completion. And it is one of the requirements in today’s world. That students once being a reward, will work harder and always take their time to build their LinkedIn profile for their social networking and job-related work.

6. Scratch

This eLearning app is free and has access for all ages of people and also for any use be it personal or academic purposes. One can create animation, story-telling and games. Creativity is polished and can be shared through scratch for online projects. It caters with every age group of people and skill levels.

7. Skill Share

This app fosters community through peer feedback. High-quality insights are ensured by the professionals from their real-life experiences. This app also strengthens community interactions as it contributes to that as well. It’s an eLearning app where students and learners share their interests and goals accordingly and also exchange interests and stories.

Online education has many benefits but challenges are also faced. Since the new normal education has emerged in this digital world, there have been vast changes in the education system.

Now let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of online education or the new normal education.

✅ How Online Apps For Education Are Beneficial

There are various reasons to adopt online education and learn from eLearning software. Let’s have a quick look at some benefits.

a. Affordability

In today’s world, education plays an important role in well-being be it personal or academic growth. Education polishes our well-being be it online education or vice versa. And in today’s digital age, one undoubtedly has the network connection, it has become a need in today’s world. 

Online class services help students make it more affordable than physical learning. Online learning has eliminated the cost of transport etc. Creating an eco-friendly environment, online education serves in paperless work, all the required and assigned material is easily available online.

b. Flexibility

New normal education has made this easier for students they take their courses while multi-tasking. For example, while you are having a meal you can take your online class. Also, without worrying and breaking the barriers of time and space. Knowledge can be easily acquired once you have the will to do it.

c. Breaking Barriers Of Time & Place

This is one of the core advantages of the eLearning education. Online class help services break this barrier of time and place. Students are not restricted to taking particular classes rather there is an extensive network where lectures are recorded so that students can listen to them accordingly and for their future use. And this quote is easily applied here, “where there is a will, there’s a way”.

d. Effectiveness

For students and teachers, it’s easier for them to deliver their sessions. Teachers can easily deliver their lectures through PDFs, and videos, to boost their lesson plans. Proficient teaching is done as the learning is beyond the textbook learning. Small videos cater a lot to the students as they are easily understandable and interest the learners whereas long videos don’t interest them that much and consume too much of their time.

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👍 The Other Side Of eLearning Software

Technology has its side effects as well if not used properly. Teachers and students suffer from various issues while limiting themselves to online education.

a. Technology Issues

A consistent and strong network connection is needed for eLearning education. Weak network connections can lead to less and slow progress in students’ learning and a lack of consistency in students’ academic growth. Especially in the small cities and villages. The weak network can lead to frustration as students indulge and engage in their online sessions and frustration can lead to more problems. 

b. Sense of Isolation

Students can learn a lot while having a group of people and most importantly, how socialization upbrings and boosts students. Through online education, students lack each other’s company, they are isolated at the times of covid happened. But this challenge can be improvised that conferences and video calls should be encouraged and open to anyone.

c. Inability To Focus

This is one of the challenges of online education that one cannot focus clearly on a screen as there are many distracting apps like other social media apps. Also, there is a greater chance that students can distracted by other sites. Useless ads on the sites while managing to focus on the online session can lead to a lack of focus.

d. Manage Screen Time

Many parents are concerned about their children’s health as too much screen time can lead to physical problems. Too much screen time is nowadays a major problem in this digitalized world. Eyesight problems, hunchbacks and headaches and an increase in stress and anxiety are some of the problems students may face during eLearning education.

🔖 While Summing Up…

eLearning has been a transformative journey as one of the best tools for online education. It empowers learning worldwide. The potential of learners has embraced eLearning narrowing and promoting social mobility. eLearning has revolutionized the world in many ways. At its core, it fosters flexibility, affordability, diverse learning styles which means of communication and any eLearning software. Learners have a variety of courses and various disciplines which help them in the development of their personal and professional growth through academics. It also strengthens the bond between student and teacher contributing to the friendly environment. eLearning has thrived in knowledge-based societies in the recent century.