How to Maintain Focus During Online Classes?


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Online classes provide great accessibility and feasibility but it sure has some challenges. One of the most problematic of all challenges of virtual education is maintaining focus without any guidance. Usually, in traditional classes, students are under vigilant surveillance of the class instructor who pushes them to pay attention in class and stay disciplined. However, during online classes, it’s all about self-learning and self-motivation.

There are a number of distractions that may tempt you to ditch studies or having too much comfort may pull you into procrastination. Studying at your convenience makes staying motivated and focused throughout the long online sessions significantly difficult. So, the question is how can you stay focused during an online class? Here are some tips to help you maintain your focus and stay motivated during your virtual learning journey.

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10 Tips To Stay Focused in Online Classes

Our education system is rapidly evolving making online learning an integral part of it. Online classes have been there for a long time, but the situation created by the pandemic boosted it even further. This push made virtual learning the primary choice of many students considering the advantages and convenience. However, they failed to recognise the challenges it holds turning convenience into a challenge.

The presence of multiple distractions like social media, online content, easy access to games, and the absence of a robust system like a traditional class makes it difficult to stay disciplined. However, it is not impossible to achieve amazing results in online courses. All you have to do is follow a mindful approach and strategise your study routine to get the most out of it without compromising your health and well-being. 

1. 📌 Establish a dedicated study area

Having a dedicated space for studies provides an environment that encourages you to learn and stay productive. However, most students either double their kitchen or dining room table as a classroom or sit on the bed or any random place with laptops to take online sessions. This practice disturbs the rhythm of learning due to several commotions happening in the household. Instead, establishing a quiet workspace without any distractions due to any commotion would help you stay focused for long periods.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Although, creating a dedicated area for studies itself eliminates most of the distractions. However, going the extra mile would ensure there are no distractions whatsoever. Make sure there are no distracting websites open on your browser or background noises from TV or any other thing like appliances or a family member doing work or talking. Usually, these small factors get neglected but when you look into them, have a great impact on maintaining focus. You can use headphones with focus music to block all the background noise and make sure you don’t get tempted to use the internet for any other purpose.

3. Set Dedicated Study Time

The feature that attracts most students to online classes is its flexible nature. Many individuals pursue online education to manage other responsibilities such as having full-time jobs or having children. Unfortunately, more often than not this feasibility becomes the cause of procrastination. The lack of a proper schedule makes time management significantly difficult. For those lacking self-control and time management skills, a schedule that compliments the typical structure of traditional classes would be most beneficial.

Following the same schedule over time makes you accustomed to the habit, eliminating the risk of procrastination. However, do not overburden yourself in excitement. Getting exhausted by the stress of work would diminish the motivation for study. Rather, do a comprehensive analysis of your tasks, priorities, and availability of time slots. Then choose the same slots every day to make that a habitual practice. You can also take online class help to overcome this issue. 

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4. Set Clear and Realistic Goals

To follow time management strategies first, you need to analyse your tasks and their priority. Being aware of your task’s nature and significance will enable you to break them into manageable chunks. Unrealistic goals in a short period will only lead to burnout. Rather than being beneficial, it’ll end up being harmful. When you set a clear and realistic goal, its achievement within the timeframe you set will enhance your motivation encouraging you to do more. On the other hand, an unrealistic target puts your morale down due to unmet requirements within the given time.

5. Manage Schedule With Pomodoro Technique

To avoid academic stress and keep your motivation high it is necessary to critically manage your schedule. Many techniques and strategies are there but the most effective one is the Pomodoro Technique. This method of time management was developed by an Italian named Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. For those who easily get distracted and have trouble maintaining focus for long periods, this strategy is like a treasure.

All you need to do is pick a task and use a timer to break your study sessions into regular small intervals. Typically, each session is of 25 to 30 minutes in length, separated by short breaks of 3 to 5 minutes. After completing four such cycles you can take a longer break to keep your mind fresh and avoid burnout. Dozens of mobile apps can make implementing this technique easy which benefits you and helps you reach your highest potential of productivity.

6. Utilise Productivity Apps

Advancements in the digital landscape have made it possible to track your productivity in real time. By using apps and software, you can easily manage your tasks for your online courses. You can use them for several purposes which all lead to enhancing your productivity. Invest some time into digging through the internet to find some reliable apps that can boost your productivity. Some of the most effective ways to use digital resources are as follows:

  • Use website and app blocking extensions like Leechblock to stop your temptation of using distracting platforms over the internet during your study period.
  • To track and organise your tasks to enhance productivity, Notion is the best choice.
  • Avoiding noise distractions is as important as avoiding physical temptations and for that, you can use websites and apps like Noisli or which provide custom sounds to boost your productivity.
  • To create a comprehensive vision board to display your academic goals. Visualising your success helps you stay motivated and focused with a constant reminder of what you can achieve.

7. Variety in Study Materials

Using the same study materials can turn learning into a boring and stressful task. Keep variety in your study material so it can become more engaging and fun. Using diverse study materials boosts your learning and concentration during online studies. Switch modes of learning in each session from reading to watching video explanations to note-taking to flashcards. This strategy also enhances knowledge retention as your brain gets all kinds of stimuli to remember one piece of information. Audio and visual memories are very strong and would help you immensely.

Moreover, you also need to gain practical experience along with theoretical knowledge. For that, you can engage yourself with hands-on training on practice problems, participate in online forums or discussions, teach your concepts to others, and watch videos on YouTube or other educational platforms to enhance your learning curve. This can also be done by seeking masters or PhD class help online from a professional. They can provide you with the resources and techniques you need to gain practical experience.

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8. Form a study group

Research has shown that studying in groups enhances focus and concentration. Different minds think differently which provides you with multiple perspectives on a complex concept. Online studies can become tiring at some point. You can take it up a notch by going out with your group to a cafe or library for group studies. Make sure everyone is staying on top. Friends keep you accountable for your productivity which helps you stay focused. It is a very good approach.

Furthermore, those students who are taking online classes from foreign countries can participate in online forums. Make virtual groups on social platforms and stay connected with your classmates. Keep each other updated and discuss difficult theories.

9. Reward Yourself

A simple but very effective strategy. Having a reward system enables you to give your brain the adrenaline it requires to stay motivated. Online classes can be extremely difficult at times. Breaking each study session into smaller ones with a reward will keep you from burning yourself out along with an instant rush of motivation boosting your productivity. For instance, if you employ the Pomodoro technique to study as discussed above, the break you give yourself will be rewarding and give you a fresh perspective and clear mind to begin your next session. Taking a small walk with fresh air will reduce your stress levels keeping your health and wellbeing on top as well.

These rewards could be anything that boosts your energy. A quick snack, engaging in your hobbies, watching fun videos, a little chat with friends, or just some alone time to relax. Giving such rewards turns your boring study sessions into enjoyment and fun that will motivate you to do more enhancing your level of productivity. Rewards provide your brain with something to look forward to, a destination which makes learning easy and less intimidating.

10. 🙋 Take Care of Your Health and Well-being

Your health is as important as your success. An achievement would count for nothing if it costs you your well-being. Incorporating some simple physical exercises in your schedule will refresh your mind enhancing your overall concentration.

Moreover, sleep is also an important factor. More often than not the pressure of studies keeps students awake. Sometimes for test or exam preparations and sometimes to meet deadlines of never-ending assignments. In either case, it affects your mental and physical well-being. The amount of sleep students get is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. Sleeping is often much more beneficial than cramming for a test.

Sleep plays a vital role in reducing memory loss. Hence, long study sessions that prevent adequate sleep almost always result in lower performance. Online classes, due to their flexibility, can easily become the cause of lack of sleep. Make sure you are getting ample amount of sleep and try to schedule naps that can help make up the difference in any sleep you may not be getting during the night.

🔖 Conclusion

Online classes can be a challenge, so taking the necessary measures to ensure you stay disciplined and motivated while taking them is important. The above tips ensure you reach your highest potential of productivity without any compromise on your overall well-being. Implement these tips in your online learning schedule to keep yourself from procrastination and stay ahead to achieve your desired goals.